ADA & Web Accessibility

Rainbow Finance is fully committed to enabling accessibility on our site, just as we have done on our premises. We have created a website Sitemap, a link to which can be found below. We have also implemented various assisting tools within the html of our website to enabling the browser to be able to perform tasks which may help browsing our website easier, such as increasing font size, enable users computer to read webpages, change background colors, etc.

Have your computer read web pages aloud

Most modern operating systems are capable of text to speech voice synthesizing. This allows you to have your computer read entire webpages or selected text on your screen out loud to you.

For Windows, hold the Ctrl key and press the Escape key, then type “narrator” and then press the Enter key.

Then follow these instructions.

For Mac OS X, click the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen and go to “System Preferences”, then choose “Dictation & Speech”, then click “Text to Speech”. Check the “Speak selected text when the key is pressed” checkbox.
More information about Mac OS X’s text to speech features.

Third party software is also available:

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ADA Coordinator

Questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints can be submitted on our contact page, so that they may be forwarded to the website’s development team: