Exclusive Financing & Personal Support

Rainbow Finance provides financing exclusively for dealers and distributors. We provide specialized, one-on-one support for sales teams, helping them navigate the complex world of customer financing. We provide same-day payouts, instant approvals, 24/7 account access and comprehensive dealer support. Our goal is to be an extension of your organization, enabling you, the dealer, to focus on growing your business.

Rainbow Finance Advantages


  • Improve Cash Flow to Grow Your Business Faster
  • Same-day Cash Disbursements
  • Nearly Instant Approvals
  • Close More Sales


  • One-on-One Support from Experienced Staff
  • Dealer Support¬†Staff
  • Online Dealer Portal
  • After-Hours Approvals


  • Reduced Risk with Greater Cash Return
  • Profit Growth Program
  • No Financial Recourse
  • Maximized Payout Offers